I don't know about you, but I'm much more of a lipgloss girl in the summer. There's something about wearing a heavy lipstick or matte gloss that just doesn't feel right once the temperature goes up. Having said that, though, lipgloss can get kind of boring after a while. Anyone with me? Well, no worries, because I have the solution to give you that glossy summer time look, but with some extra drama.

Introducing the Huda Beauty Lip Strobes. Just released on June 29th, Huda Beauty's Lip Strobes are currently out of stock on Sephora due to high demand; however, I did manage to find the glosses available at another store. I have linked it down below for you as the first link, so if you're on the waiting list at Sephora, here's your chance to snag the product somewhere else!

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But hey, maybe you're thinking I need to slow down. Maybe you're not even sure what the Lip Strobes are, or if they're even worth the wait and money? Never fear, my friends, I have all the details on this newly launched collection!

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First off, what are the Lip Strobes? Well, they are a collection of 12 strobing metallic glosses released by Huda Beauty. Yes, you read that correctly, strobing and metallic (best of both worlds, right?). In the collection you'll find a series of both sheer and full coverage shades, so no worries if a full on metallic lip is a little outside your comfort zone. 

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You will find these glosses to be pricier than your typical gloss at $18, but really, this gloss is on a whole other level with its strobing and metallic properties. Plus, if you still enjoy your lipstick in the summer months, you wouldn't believe how great just a little of this gloss looks over lipstick (hint: really good). 

And, did I I mention that these glosses actually enhance your lips to make them look plumper and more multi-dimensional? You can even use this lip product on your eyelids for a metallic eye look! Really, if you're passionate about makeup, there's very little doubt you'll struggle to find use for this gloss. 

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Like I said, as of now all the glosses are sold out on the Sephora website (yup, they're that good), so make sure to click the first link below so you don't have to wait. I've also linked some other popular metallic lip products for you in case you're really looking for that perfect metallic shade and want to try something different. Either way, your lips are going to be rocking this summer. 

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