Sometimes we all need a little guidance. Shaping eyebrows can be difficult, especially knowing which tools work best. YouTuber Fleur DeForce provides a great tutorial for the right steps and equipment to use.

#1 Brush

Almost every makeup brand offers their own version of an eyebrow brush. It is easy to use, simply brush your eyebrows upwards and out, so you can see stragglers that need to be plucked. It also allows you to better shape them. 

#2 Tweezers

Pluck the strays but do not change the shape or arc. Leave that to the professionals! You can also trim your brows by brushing them upwards and holding the spoolie there, so you trim a little off the top. Nothing too drastic.

#3 Brow Palate

Use the darkest shade to fill in your eyebrows and make hair-like strokes. Remember to be more careful with powder and define them a little bit as you go along. 

Then use the lighter shade to fill in your inner corner, so you don't get an angry-looking brow. Nobody wants that. 

Lastly, use the highlighting shade under your brow and in the inner corner of your eye to brighten those areas and better define your brow line.

#4 Brow Tamer

You can use a clear or tinted brow tamer to set your eyebrows for the day, but don't overdo the brow gel. This will keep your brows neat and tidy but you don't want them to look pasted on. Use the tinted brow tamer to provide a boost to your colour. 

Feature Image via Fleur DeForce

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