If you are in need of a routine that does not involve a lot (or any!) foundation, then this tutorial is for you! YouTuber Chloe Morello demonstrates a natural makeup look without foundation.

#1 Prime

First, we need to prime our skin to give it an even texture and a base to work with.

#2 Concealer

Gives your eyes a base as well by covering any veins.

#3 Shimmery Eyeshadow

Brighten your eyes with a light eyeshadow to make them pop!

#4 Colour Correcting

Only use it where you absolutely need it! Use a tone that will correct the darkness or redness. Make sure you start light because it is much easier to build up slowly than it is to go back.

#5 Mascara

Just focus on the top lashes for the time being.

#6 Green Concealer

Cover your pimples with a green concealer. Put a small amount on the back of your hand and use an eyeliner brush for the best results. Then add a touch of colour corrector. Be careful not to add to much, so you don't remove the green concealer.

#7 Brows

Use a fin-pointed pencil and brow-smudger to fill in your brows in a quick and easy manner.

#7 Concealer

Line the outside of your eyebrows and blend it in without getting too close to your brows. 

#8 Concealer and Corrector

Brighten around your nose, mouth and eyes to bring out your best features. It will bring the whole look together.

#10 Blush

Mask any redness by evening out your cheekbones with some blush. 

#11 Lip Gloss and Concealer 

Use concealer to highlight the shape of your lips and make them look a teeny bit bigger.

Feature Image via Chloe Morello 

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