So who is a fan of eyeshadow? I wouldn’t say that I heavily apply shadow to my lids, but when going out for a night on the town or a big event, I do admit that I like to change up my look and get a bit more adventurous with the amount of shadow I’m applying. Anyone with me?

So today we’re going to be exploring how we can easily apply our own eyeshadow like a pro, and  Dani Mansutti is here to help us. She’s going share tips, tricks and hacks, so let’s dive right in!

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Photo via: Dani Mansutti

Choosing the correct eyeshadow color:

Of course you can always wear whatever color you want, but one trick that Dani shares with us is when picking the most flattering shade for your eye color look at a color wheel. You can easily pull one up with a simple google search. Once you have your color wheel, find your eye color on the wheel and then see what shades are directly across from it. The shades that are opposite of your eye color are going to be the most flattering for you and really make your eyes pop. You’ll notice for brown eyes, you’re not really on the color wheel, which means you can really pull off whatever color you like!

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Photo via: Dani Mansutti

Which products to use:

I won’t lie, when it comes to applying my own eyeshadow, I’m pretty basic and just use a simple eyeshadow brush and whatever palette I can get my hands on. However, truly knowing what eyeshadow products to use will help you get the best look. I have linked some palettes below that Dani recommends. She also recommends swatching the shadows before purchasing so you can see how pigmented the colors are. There’s nothing worse than getting your palette home, using it, and only then realizing that the colors aren’t what you expected.

Eyeshadow Application:

Now here’s the part you’ve probably been waiting for: how to actually apply your eyeshadow.

Gif via: Dani Mansutti

To begin, make sure your eyes are prepped by tweezing away any stray hairs to ensure you have a nice smooth surface to work with. Now, take the lightest shade in your palette and sweep it all over your eyelid. This will ensure that the colors you place on top will be perfectly vibrant.

Gif via: Dani Mansutti

Next you’re going to want to use a blending brush for your transition color. Make sure you tap off any excess shadow to avoid putting too much product on your lid. As for color, your transition color should be darker than your base color but not too dark. It’s called your transition color because it’s in that middle ground of color. You’ll be applying your transition color into your crease, avoiding the actual lid altogether, and using small circular motions. This will create beautiful depth on your lid.

Gif via: Dani Mansutti

Now switch to a flat brush to apply onto your lid. You’ll want to use your lightest shade and apply the shadow to the inner corner of your eye and stop at the middle part of your eye.

Gif via: Dani Mansutti

Switch brushes again to a dome brush and pick a darker color to apply to the outer part of your eye. You’ll be applying the shadow into the “outer v,” which is the area from your lower lash line up into the crease. This area looks somewhat like a v. Once you’ve applied there, use your blending brush to ensure you can’t see where one color starts and the other one ends.

Gif via: Dani Mansutti

If you want to add some shimmer, Danielle suggests using your finger, as shimmery eyeshadow tends to come out better with a finger application rather than a brush. She applies the shimmer to the inner corner of her eye. She also finishes the look off by lightly applying her lightest shade underneath her brows for a highlight, and of course adds some mascara for extra definition.

And there you have it: a super simple eyeshadow routine you can easily start trying out yourself. What do you think? Is this more or less than your current routine? I’d love to hear what you do with your eyeshadow! Let me know in the comment below.

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