Say hello to Parsel's November Cover Star - Kathleen Lights! Kathleen is one of the most authentic people in the YouTube biz. She's known for her product reviews, amazing makeup collaborations, and intimate "Kat Chats." We sat down with Kathleen to find out more about her new polish line, KL Polish! These polishes are STUNNING and affordable! Make sure to pre-order yours at!


Where does that shade name Gumption! come from?

"It means initiative and courage. I actually named it this because of the movie The Holiday."

What's your favorite shade from the bunch?

"Caramello is hands down my favorite shade. Caramello was named by my mom, she said it reminded her of the candy. It's such a unique mustard shade. I can't get enough!"


When is the official launch of KL Polish?

"The official launch date is December 5th but the shades are available for pre-order now at!"

How did you come up with the shade name Broccoli & Chocolate?

"Broccoli & Chocolate is the name of an old Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen song. I was obsessed with the twins for YEARS."

Broccoli & Chocolate

Do you have plans to expand KL Polish?

"I have something special & sparkly coming out for my birthday & people are going to be SO EXCITED when they see what it's called."

We see your polishes are five-free. Can you explain what that means?

"5-free nail polishes are free for 5 potentially harmful chemicals: formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene."

Brick Sidewalk

When did your love of nail polishes come about?

"I have had a love for nail polish ever since I was a little girl. I remember my sister would keep her polishes in bins under her bed, and I would spend hours looking though all the different shades! I have always loved to express my mood and personality by my nail color."

We love that you included a nude shade. How did you name Snickerdoodle?

"Snickerdoodle is named after my favorite cookie! The color reminded me of the center."


How did you decide to get into the nail polish business?

"It was actually my mother who suggested that I get into the manicure biz. I was painting my nails in the kitchen one day with my mom, and we were discussing how I really wanted to start my own journey in the beauty business, and she suggested I follow my love of colorful nails!"

Where can we buy KL Polish?

"KL Polish is currently available exclusively on!"


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