We all know it's harder to get that no makeup makeup look, than it is to get ready for a night out. To achieve the most natural glowing look, follow these 8 steps by makeup guru Teni Panosian! 

Step 1: Prime 
After moisturizing with your favourite lotion or tanning lotion leave about 5-10 minutes for the product to absorb into your skin. No matter if you are putting on a powder or liquid foundation, always PRIME for a longer lasting wear! 


Step 2: Apply Foundation 
As warmer weather approaches we tend to switch some of our makeup products over that feel more lightweight on our skin. Without risking full coverage, Teni recommends RCMA Foundation Palette for those hot summer days. 


Step 3: Conceal The Under Eye
Alright, drop your brushes everyone! Apply your concealer with your finger tips to give a more natural looking finish. 


Step 4: Apply Two Tones of Highlighting Products
Forget contouring, we are going for a natural finish, opposed to an airbrush look. Lightly apply your highlighter on the highest part of your cheek bone and around your brow bone. Then grab your fluffiest brush, and apply the bronzer all over your face and be sure to blend into your neck as well. 


Step 5: Brighten Up Your Eyes
Pick your favourite warm toned eyeshadow for your lids and then grab a shimmery eyeshadow similar to your highlighter and apply in the creases of your eyes. This will give you an extra glow, and brighten up any dark areas in the corner of your eyes. 


Step 6: Making Your Eyes Pop 
Since we didn’t go over the top with eyeshadow, take your lightest pigmented eye liner, and apply to your outer lid. This way when you apply your mascara it’ll allow your eyes to look a bit more dramatic without a lot of product. 


Step 7: Skip Darkening The Brows 
Do not give your brows the airbrush finish! Instead grab a light brow pencil and gently fill in any missing hairs. 

Step 8: Lips 
Whenever we go and buy a new nude lipstick we always struggle with it being too transparent. Well fear no more ladies, a great tip is to apply your foundation on your lips first and then apply your lip colour. 

Thanks to Teni for these amazing tips. Check out the full tutorial below!

Feature Image via: Teni Panosian

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