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Evan Healy

Evan might be the godmother of the natural beauty scene. She transitioned from the fashion industry into natural personal care during the 1980s. Her skin philosophy revolves around gentle, less is more products that focus on nourishing the skin. Many of the ingredients come from family run farms from the United States, France and South Africa. She’s got several lines for various skin concerns and is best known for her aromatic Hydrosols.

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Tata Harper

Tata Harper has got to be one of the most famous faces in the luxury green beauty world. Her line is crafted with many ingredients coming right out of her Vermont farm. She developed the line after her stepfather was diagnosed with cancer and started learning about toxic loads our bodies can carry. She is best known for her cleansers which have been raved about by the likes of Caroline Hirons.

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Indie Lee

After being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and then later a rare brain tumor, Indie Lee sought out to make effective, natural skincare that was also luxuriously packaged. The line is a curated yet effective collection with products for face and body. Indie is probably best known for her CoQ10 Toner, Brightening Cleanser and Squalene based products.

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Susanne Kaufmann

Austrian born Susanne Kaufmann first created her skincare line for her family spa at the Hotel Post Bezau. She learned about the healing power of plants from her grandmother with many of the ingredients coming from the nearby Bregenzer Forest such as rosemary, chamomile, and St. John’s Wort. The line is rather extensive, with over 60 offerings. The brand is most known for their body oils and anti aging products.

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de Mamiel

Annee de Mamiel is a leading authority on acupuncture and aromatherapy in the UK. The de Mamiel line is formulated around Chinese Medicine, modern science, and the ritual of skincare. Each item in the range is meant to be used to not only clean the skin but to renew the self. The Products have a luxurious price tag but are cult favorites of bloggers and skincare focused Instagrams.

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