I will be the first to admit, for some of us, voluntarily waking up early is just not in our nature. So my fellow night owls, who dread the piercing sound of their alarms each morning, here are some must have skincare products, to fool your friends into thinking you got a full 8 hours!

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1. Body Scrub

I know this one requires you to wake up a bit earlier in the morning, but taking a shower first thing is one of the best ways to wake yourself up! If you haven’t already tried it, we highly recommend using the Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub, to awaken the skin, and make it appear brighter! Who ever said coffee was only for drinking!

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2. Face Wash

Follow your body scrub, with the Clean&Clear Morning Burst Cleanser. This citrus scented cleanser is an oldie but goodie, and never fails to give us that extra burst in the morning (pun intended)

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3. Moisturizer

Origins makes some of our favorite skincare products, as you will notice with these next two products. Their GinZing Moisturizer is perfect for brightening and energizing your skin to give it a healthy glow.

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4. Eye Cream

Let the daily battle between you and your dark circles disappear! Not only does this eye cream help reduce the appearance of dark circles, but the caffeine and ginseng help reduce puffiness under the eyes as well!

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5. Thermal Spring Water Spray

The Avene Thermal Spring Spray is a new find, but has quickly become one of our must have products year round! Water Sprays are perfect on the days your skin needs a little extra moisture, and great for a mid-late day pick me up! Just give yourself a quick spritz, and you will instantly feel refreshed!


Feature Image via: Origins

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