Travelling allows us to experience something new. We develop “bucket lists” that have exotic adventures waiting for us because we are curious. We want to know and understand other cultures. We want to meet new friends and socialize. People will always give you a reason not to travel, but I will give you three reasons why you should.

1. Follow your wanderlust compass. 

Travelling opens our creative spirits and brings a fresh perspective to our world. We go outside our comfort zone and day-to-day routines when we explore. That’s what makes it so fascinating and addictive. What we learn may be applied to our working or personal lives. You never know what you'll find if you embrace your desire to travel.

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2. The world has so much to offer, so go see it but keep it within your budget. 

New destinations are becoming popular simply because they are more affordable than others. Iceland is a perfect example of this. To better your wanderlust experience, set a “priorities list” comprised of places you want to see in order. Ask yourself the important questions: 

Can you afford the trip at the very top or do you have to save for it?

Is there another vacation on this list that you can afford?

If you want to travel, there is always a way. It may not be your dream vacation (because you’ll likely need to save the BIG bucks for that), but there are alternatives. Perhaps places on your list are less expensive. Perhaps you even have friends who live there and will set you up for a few nights.

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3. You can build lifelong friendships with people all over the world. 

You meet people while travelling, which means you can have friends everywhere. It’s likely those friends will want to explore the world same as you. Strike a deal – you visit them and they visit you. You can both benefit and get the best out of sharing those experiences at a more affordable price.

Not only that, but you have access to different points of view that extend all over. It may open your imagination to the possibilities that exist outside our small corner of the world.

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